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2009 Oct 6 - SJDC Student Chef

2009 Oct 6 - SJDC Student Chef

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Today we are staying in Stockton. The local Community College has a Culinary Arts Department that serves lunch every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while school is in session. The college is San Joaquin Delta College and the student restaurant is called the Student Chef. It is actually quite nice as it is a white tablecloth setting. Inside it will handle around 40 and there are a few outside tables.

Today there are five of us; Elsa, Gobo, Ora, Miles and me. Grandma and Linda missed out on the Rack of Lamb.

Heading toward Danner Hall where the cafeteria and Student Chef are located

Hey Sherm. Free WiFi.
The campus is a WiFi hot spot

Elsa pointing out where the Theater Arts Building is located

Miles and Gobo nearing the entrance to the cafeteria

Waiting outside the room to be shown to our table. I made reservations last week for six.

Our waitress starts us off with some crusty baguettes and oil and vinegar

A serious moment

Dining alfresco is always an option in California

The prices are a steal.

The Menu



Andalusian Gazpacho

Organic tomato, cucumber, peppers, olive oil, croutons



Mushroom Bruschetta

Sauteed mushrooms, garlic and herbs on grilled sourdough



Greek Goddess Salad

Butter lettuce, oregano, Feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, olives



Organic Tomato Salad

Mixed greens, Gorgonzola, candied walnuts, sherry vinaigrette




Sauteed Prawns

Sweet corn, organic spinach, salsa fresca, jasmine rice



Pappardelle Pasta

Organic cherry tomatoes, summer squash,

basil and sweet red onions with

fresh house-made pasta


add grilled chicken 2.75


Grilled Rack of Lamb

Grilled potato, roasted tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese



Marinated Flank Steak

Sauteed fresh corn, Panzanella salad

Tarragon vinaigrette



Potato Gnocchi

Fresh corn, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,

organic bacon, fresh basil




Peach Napolean

Fresh peaches layered with Phyllo Crisps

whipped cream, fresh berries



Pear Tartlet

Sauvignon Blanc Sabayon and fresh basil



Chocolate Mousse

White chocolate shavings and berry garnish



COFFEE, TEA and Soda


Double shot of espresso with milk foam






Café Latte



Selection of Teas



Assorted Soft Drinks


While we are looking over the menu I wander to another table that is about to be served to photograph their food. :-)
The Pasta and the Rack of Lamb

Ora made a "boo boo" but wont fess up to it. :-)

Elsa and I both had the Mushroom and Spinach Bruschetta

Gobo had the Calm Chowder

A salad from another table

The Tempura Prawns have replaced the Duck Tacos on the Starter Menu. boooo

I have the Rack of Lamb and it was delicious

Miles had the Sauteed Prawns

Gobo had the Marinated Flank Steak. He said the corn was also especially fresh and tasty.

Both Elsa and Ora had the Potato Gnocchi

Then we had coffee and dessert. But they did not have any Chocolate Mousse which disappointed Elsa.
The Pear Tartlet which Miles and I had

Ora and Elsa both had the Peach Napolean

The Peach Napolean had phyllo layered with sliced peach and whipped cream and garnished with blueberries.

It was quite a nice meal. Upscale items at the price of a Coffee Shop.

The Student Chef is having a Winter Buffet on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 while school is on Break. They will be using the entire Cafeteria. The price is $25 and is suppose to be a bargain. I think it is on the Gobo's Lunch Bunch calendar.



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