Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Dec 16 - Mi Ranchito

2009 Dec 16 - Mi Ranchito Breakfast (Stockton)
and March 17, 2010 at bottom.

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Note: Gobo is the Japanese word for the greater burdock root, which is a long skinny root, that is how Gobo got his nickname back in high school.

Not officially a Lunch Bunch function, but what the heck it is my Blog.

Gobo and I have been going to a Mexican breakfast every few months. Usually it is Mi Ranchito, but sometimes it is Maria's. Today we are headed to Mi Ranchito. And with us is another old timer from our long lost school days, Eugene.

Gobo's pick up truck he has picked up Eugene on the way over to my home. It had obviously rained a bit over night.

We used to eat here during High School days which for us was from 1958 - 1961. But usually late night on Friday or Saturday. In those old days you had to ask for a fork. The regulars all ate with a tortilla. And I think the menu was written in Spanish on a chalkboard.
Gobo and Eugene heading into the place

The hours are from 6:00 AM to Midnight.
The breakfast menu

We all order something different. You can get rice, beans (whole or refried) and French Fries along with flour or corn tortillas.
Eugene has the Chorizo con huevos with whole beans and fries

Gobo has the bacon and eggs with Ranchero sauce on the side

I have the Mexican omelet which has diced tomatoes, onions and Jalapenos

The total bill with three coffees came out to $27 and change.

~end part 1
Part 2: 2010 Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day

What better way to celebrate St Paddy than to have a Mexican breakfast at Mi Ranchito! I have to give Gobo his Income Tax returns so we schedule a breakfast for this morning. He picks me up and we head toward old town Stockton.

I actually ran into a couple of people that I have known for a long time at Mi Ranchito.
Ray and Judy. Judy was a classmate of ours during high school and a buddy of fellow Lunch Bunchers - Grandma, Patti and Linda. I also knew Judy's siblings. Her younger sister wrote and published a book about their Grandfather's life in America: "Bury My Bones in America".
The link is to a free eBook if you wish to read it.

Carol and Floyd, who we called "Concrete" because of a disastrous concrete job that he did for TG once. TG owned the pool hall where we had our coffee break in the 1980's and early 1990's.

On to the food photos.
My Mexican Special Scramble. Eggs scrambled with tomatoes, onions and Jalapenos with rice and potatoes.

Gobo has his usual bacon and eggs with beans and potatoes with a side of Ranchero sauce

Ranchero sauce at the top and some hot salsa on the bottom

Ray has an appetizer of Menudo and Judy has a cup of coffee

The unpaved overflow parking lot. All the cars were in the front lot today.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Dec 2 - Winter Buffet

2009 Dec 2 - Student Chef - Winter Buffet

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Today's story is about the food so there will not be many people in the photos.

This is the annual Fall fund raiser for the culinary arts program at San Joaquin Delta College, the community college located in Stockton, CA.

A rather weak showing for the Lunch Bunch, since it was Grandma's hubby's birthday and it seemed that most others had Holiday obligations. Also this date was inflexible since it was an annual fund raiser for the Culinary Arts department and a one shot deal. So just Elsa and I from the Lunch Bunch joined by my golfing lunch bunch-er Holden.

The first thing on the food line was the whole poached salmon. The first one was covered in a layer of cream cheese with thin sliced cucumbers for the fish scales. The second had thin sliced carrots for the fish scales.
The fish is on a mirrored serving platter, so the bottom part is the reflection

The fish is on a mirrored serving platter, so the bottom part is the reflection

A bunch of mussels and prawns on a bed of ice

Assorted sushi

A bunch of different canapés

Grilled veggies

A wonderful appetizer with some duck in it

The Pasta Station would cook up your pasta dish fresh.

The lamb chops and the grilled chicken were in warming trays.
Lamb chops with vegetables

Grilled chicken with mushrooms

A few cold starch salads

The Carving Station had a turkey breast, prime rib and a suckling roast pig.
Prime rib and a turkey breast

A suckling roast pig with chutney

Below are Holden and my third helping plates.
Clockwise futomaki sushi, pasta, grilled chicken, potatoes, lamb chop, prime rib and poached salmon.

Assorted canapés and roast pig

At the table next to us was Barbara and Art who both Holden and I know.
Barbara and Art and a Mr Lee

Of course I had planned on a three course dessert to end the meal.
The tree in the upper left is made with a bunch of mini cream puffs.

Chocolate mousse in the wine glasses, fresh fruit and fruit tarts

Chocolate ganaché strawberries

Creme brulée and pumpkin cake

Here is my second dessert course after my creme brulée

Here is Elsa's dessert plate

They were also making Banana's Foster without flaming.

My third dessert course is the Banana's Foster

Now Barbara has her own desserts but she is stealing some of her husband Art's dessert.

After resting a bit with a cup of coffee I was debating a fourth dessert course, but decided against that. :-)

The food was quite tasty and the choices were too many. It was reminiscent of the Grand Buffet at the California Culinary Academy's Carême 350 restaurant in San Francisco.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Nov 4 - Student Chef Redux

2009 Nov 4 - Student Chef Redux

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Today is the "second chance" trip to the Student Chef Restaurant, which is at the Community College, San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA. It is for their students in the Culinary Arts Program. Today Linda and Patti join Elsa and me. This turns out to be Elsa's third trip. She and Grandma had eaten lunch here last Tuesday.
Patti, Elsa and Linda as we used a different parking lot this trip

Linda, Patti and Elsa with the menu

Seared duck and short ribs this time and a different dessert line up

We order and munch on the bread.

All of the ladies have ordered the Rack of Lamb, so in my search of other entreés I go to another table to take a picture of the Short Ribs.
Braised Short Ribs with mashed potato, grilled squash, broccoli rabe, red wine sauce

We each had ordered a salad or soup.
Fall Salad - Mixed greens, apples, persimmons, Gorgonzola, candied walnuts, sherry vinaigrette

New England Clam Chowder - Garnished with potato Gaufrette and chives

Greek Goddess Salad - Butter lettuce, oregano, Feta cheese, roasted red peppers & Parmesan crisp

Meanwhile I had ordered the Seared Duck Breast with apricot risotto, grilled persimmon, $7.00

All of the ladies had ordered the Rack of Lamb with grilled potato, roasted tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese, $8.00

Here we are starting to dig in on the Main Course.

After the Main Course I wander around the small restaurant which seats about 40 to snap some pictures while waiting for our dessert.
The Patio has a few customers today since it is sunny and about 72° F {22° C}

Lots of Wait Staff as this is a student restaurant

This little cutie at the next table was eating pasta. Her father was a recent graduate of the Program.

Our desserts arrive. Linda and Elsa have the Pumpkin Creme Brulee - Traditional creme brulee with gingersnaps.

Patti has the Roasted Pear Bread Pudding served with butterscotch sauce.
Notice the spoon shaped cookie

And I have the Chocolate Mousse with white chocolate shavings and blueberry garnish.
The cookie spoon is more pronounced in this picture

The little cutie's grandmother takes a picture of the four of us as we pay our tab

Linda and Patti had never set foot on the campus before. So they were curious about the main cafeteria in the same building as the Student Chef.

Elsa, Grandma and I were on campus recently to see a movie, "The Sensei" that was being shown by the Cultural Awareness Program Committee.
"The Sensei"
"A film that will change hearts and minds..."
Saturday October 17, 2009
Tillie Lewis Theater
Suggested donation: $5
After the show, the film's director and principal cast member, Diana Lee Inosanto, will take questions from the audience. A reception is scheduled between showings.
Information about "The Sensei" at Internet Movie Database


But anyway it was a good thing that Linda and Patti had already eaten lunch.
"Wow, I think I will come here for lunch."

Heading into the parking lot to head home.