Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Jun 26 - Sausage Feed at Don's

2009 Jun 26 - Sausage Feed at Don's

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Today was something different for the Lunch Bunch. Instead of heading off to a restaurant we had a Sausage Feed at my home. I made the mistake of emailing the members of the Lunch Bunch a link to my Blog of the Triumph Riders Sausage Feed.
{ NCTRF Sausage Feed }

Well, Grandma thought it was a good idea for the Lunch Bunch to have a Sausage Feed at my home, too. I agreed on the one condition that grandma would coordinate all of the side dishes and I would only provide the sausages and brown and white rice.

It is a couple of days before the Sausage Feed and I drive the 20 miles to Lockeford, CA to the Lockeford Meat & Sausage Services . It is located in the old IOOF Building in a small town on Highway 88 that is a few miles east of Lodi.

The building where Lockeford Sausage is located

The Dakota is a smoked brat that is their best seller and signature sausage

The meat counter. They also dress and cut game like deer and make a wicked jerky too.

So this is a 5:00 PM get together which is real late for lunch but okay for dinner.

Here is Grandma's notice:


rice: brown and white - donald
beans - patti
macaroni salad and dinner rolls - gobo and sandra
green salad - ora and miles
brentwood corn, butter, half and half for coffee - caroline, aka grandma
drinks, ice - kenny and don saiki
homemade ice cream - elsa

The food is scheduled for 5:30 so there is a bit of time to sit and BS.

Gobo, Miles and Ora.

Kenny and Saiki arrive

Meanwhile the sausages are grilling nicely. Today there are three varieties. The signature Dakota which is a smoked brat. The Cajun and the Hawaiian Luau.
The Hawaiian and the Cajun

The side dishes are also being warmed, tossed or heated up.
Grandma getting her Brentwood corn cooked

Patti has volunteered to carve the sausages into bite size pieces.

The serving table Ora, Sandra and Saiki

Grandma's full plate

Patti is a picky eater

Miles is a good eater

Saiki has a little of everything

Kenny is waiting for the camera flash to go off

Where is Elsa's sausage?

After eating we need a rest before the home made ice cream.

Okay. Time for the ice cream. There are three flavors, coffee with toasted almonds, rocky road and maple nut.
Coffee with toasted almonds, rocky road, maple nut

Dishing out the ice cream.
Gobo brought cones and the dishes were for the big ice cream eaters.

After dessert more BS. Then it was clean up time. Sandra washed the dishes. And we had to hand out the leftovers. I had a couple of Moon Pies left from the dozen I received as a gift in Richmond, KY. So I gave them to Grandma for her hubby, David. David grew up in Chattanooga, TN the home of the Moon Pie. David has also been known to drive the 650 miles to the nearest Cracker Barrel in St. George, UT. :-)
Grandma is the last one out the door. But she called an hour later because she forgot half of her leftovers in my refrigerator.

All in all a good time was had by all.