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2009 Apr 30 - Doc's BBQ - Modesto

2009 April 30 - Doc's BBQ (Modesto)

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Okay. Today we were suppose to go to the Breadfruit Tree, a Jamaican restaurant at a marina near Stockton. But it will not open for weekday lunches until June. So we will need to reschedule for the Summer. But we decide on going for BBQ. Miles and Ora are joining the Lunch Bunch. It turns out that Elsa and Ora are high school classmates graduating from the same high school a few years ago. They knew each other in school but had not crossed paths since.

Then the thread holding my eyeglass lens decides to fail. So I borrow a paper clip and twist it through the holes and bend it for a temporary fix. {got the thread tapped out and a bigger screw today, only cost $5}

With six of us today, Elsa has the only car that holds six.
The crew waiting for my eye glass repair

Patti and Gobo are the thinnest and are relegated to the third seat

I get to ride "shot gun" since I am today's navigator. Only Gobo has been to Doc's before and that was only once when he gave me a ride to the BMW motorcycle shop which used to be one block from Doc's.

Not a very exciting road trip. Just straight south on Hwy 99.

This is for Sherm. One of his stops. The Flying J at Ripon.

We did see this squid blast by us a few miles back. Glad that the cops stopped him.

We pull into the parking lot about 1:30 PM and can immediately smell the meat cooking in the giant BBQ pit.
Heading to the door

Doc's Web Site

Grabbing a big table
Doc joins the party

Doc had to fire a couple of cook/waiters today. They did not prepare the brisket or the pulled pork. So those two items were not available. Everyone but me ordered a Two-Way. That is a choice of two meats along with two sides and a corn bread muffin. They wanted to taste a couple of meats and take the leftovers home for dinner.

Ribs and chicken with bbq beans and cole slaw with the bbq sauce on the side
Ora and Patti both had this combo with different sides

Gobo and Miles both ordered the ribs and medium links that Doc makes himself, the bbq sauce is coming on the side

Elsa's ribs and tri-tip with greens and cole slaw

Here comes the bbq sauce

Doc took this photo

A photo of the cook during my after lunch cigarette break

No leftovers?

There were leftovers, Patti brought them all to the car
Not sure what Miles is doing here. Maybe practicing his karate.

Since it is still early afternoon we decide to head a few miles further south to Hilmar and the Hilmar Bakery and possibly a stop at the Hilmar Cheese Factory.

Some pastries
The Sweet Bread

The Pao De Milho ( Portuguese Cornbread ) is just coming out of the oven, so Elsa, Patti and I each buy a loaf. This is more like bread except that white corn meal and flour is used instead of just flour.

Ora packing more stuff in the back

Since Elsa wanted to get some Squeakers (Cheese Curds) and she was driving her car, we make a stop at the Hilmar Cheese Factory Visitors Center .

Gobo says NO More Stops. He is getting too old to be climbing in and out of the rear, rear seat. :-)
Patti leads the crew into the Visitors Center

A bus load of Seniors from Oakmont near Santa Rosa fill the Center.

Tubs of Squeakers

Inside the Center is a full blown Deli and an ice cream shoppe.

Elsa has her Squeakers

Gobo is the only one to get an ice cream cone

We get back on the road to head home. Since it is now commute time Elsa decides to take Jack Tone Road and the back way to her house.

Some goats along Jack Tone Road

We get back to Elsa's about 5:30 and finish another Lunch Bunch trip.

Leftovers, bread and cheese in the "trunk"

A map of today's route.

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Next is not a trip, but a Sausage Feed at my home after Grandma gets home from her trip to Europe.