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2009 Sep 26 - The Producers at SCT

2009 Sep 26 - The Producers at SCT (Stockton Civic Theater)

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Today only three of the Lunch Bunch head to the Stockton Civic Theater to watch a matinee performance of the local production of the Mel Brooks play - The Producers. Of course one of the Lunch Bunch, Elsa is in the production so she has an excuse. :-)
The outside of the Stockton Civic Theater

Miles and Ora border the ad for the play

The lobby from outside the entry

No photos are allowed of the play itself. I have seen the 1968 movie a few times and did see the Play at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco. Luckily I had not viewed the old movie recently for no cast can match the Mostel, Wilder, Shawn, Mars, Hewett and Meredith combination. Today's presentation was very lively and entertaining, especially Act 2 after the intermission.
Waiting in the lobby at intermission for this was a two hour and forty-five minute performance

Two of Grandma's sisters and various other relatives {also related to Elsa} were at this same perfromance.
Grandma's kin folks

Grandma's kin folks

After the performance the cast members all went out into the lobby to greet the audience as they left the theater.
The Lunch Bunch's Elsa in her last costume

Then it was off to dinner at Matsuyama just down the road a bit. Kiwi Don, my motorcycle riding friend from Palmerston North, New Zealand and I had dinner here during his visit last month.
Entering Matsuyama

Our waitress

The sushi maker

Miles has his beer, but this time it is a Kirin, which cost almost as much as his Rainbow Roll.
Ora and I are having a Bento which includes a bowl of Miso Soup

I was too hungry. I forgot to take a photo of Miles' Rainbow Roll and only took a picture of my Bento after it was half eaten. I had the Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura and California Roll. Their Bento's include a choice of any 3 of 12 items.

Today's total trip from my home covered less than two miles.

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